Carmen Duarte received a bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts with a major in theatre arts in her native Cuba, where she was a theater director, as well as playwright. She has two internationally performed plays and five published books, one of plays; the other four are novels. She received a Master's Degree in Spanish and Literature in Florida Atlantic University. 
The play ¿Cuánto Me Das, Marinero? has been performed in several Latin-American countries, including Colombia and Argentina. It has been translatedinto German and Polish and performed in Europe. It is included in several theater anthologies, such as El Tiempo En Un Acto, 13 Obras de Teatro Cubano, Ollantay Press. N.Y., 1999. 
Other plays, such as Stradavarious, have been performed in different Latin-American countries, including Brazil. 
Duarte was invited to speak at the Second International Assembly of Dramatic Playwrights, in 1990, sponsored by the University of York, Toronto, Canada.
In 1993 she was invited to be a speaker at the Fifth International Forum of Dramatic Playwrights, Frankfort, Germany, sponsored by the ASSITEJ. 
The author presented her novel Hasta La Vuelta, Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2000, at The Miami Book Fair International 2001, and at The Havana Book Fair International 2002.
Also presented at The Miami Book Fair International the novel La Danza De Los Abanicos, Editorial Egales, Spain, 2006. 
The Author has been interviewed and reviewed in several newspapers, books and literary publications, including:
Miami Herald. Article in “Tropical Life,” by Ana Veciana-Suárez, Jan. 22, 2007.
Ellas Hablan de la Isla, by Vitalina Alfonso, Ediciones Union, Habana, Cuba, 2002.
Espéculo of the Complutense University of Madrid. Review by Mireya Robles, 2001.
New York Times article by Juan Forero, April 28, 2000.
Nuevo Herald. Article, Dec. 18, 1993.
Carmen also has years of experience in television news writing and production, and has worked as a radio producer, talk show host, andjournalist. She has taught Spanish and drama.